Sunday, 30 April, 2006 at 9:09 am (Japanese)

Konnichiwa all,

Since it’s “meivakantie” (mai holiday) overhere I’ll try to start work on the exercises for my book (learing the kana). I hope that some of it (if not all) can be finished after this small vacation, but there is lot’s of other stuf I want to do this holiday too ;). It won’t be anything fancy (we’ve got some of my links for that) it’ll be some plain fill this in tasks. At the end, I want you all (and myself) to be able to make the Kana tables like in my book, but then with the correct stroke order (not typed on a computer). Anyways if I keep talking for to long it’ll never get done :). So sayonara to you all!




  1. Ion Steam said,

    Konnichiwa Scorpei-san =P

    O genki deska? Happy holidays to you! I’m already enjoying them the fullest =P
    Oeh exercises for learning kana that’s great =D What learning book isn’t complete with some exercices. Hope you’ll make it by the end of the holidays, then I’ll be the first to be your testbunny to practice them =) (*me hoping they won’t get to tough =P)..
    Well we’ll have a little break with the movie marathon somewhere this week (*if you can get away from the desk that is ;D) It will be great fun =P
    For now I’ll wish you good luck and try not to keep you from work =P

  2. Scorpei said,

    Ohayo gosaimasu Vincent-san,

    Hai genki desu, domo, anata wa? 101 :).
    As soon as I get something done I’ll send it over to you.
    Who knows (depending on whenn it’ll be) I might even get it done before the Marathon (this is becoming more of a forum then a blog ;)).
    I’ll need some good luck (since it’s gonna be pretty hard to make some good exercises) but it seems I’m pretty lucky already, since I just bought a LP (or LR whatever, a longplay record) of a guy at the “koninginnendag markt” over here for 2 euro’s :D.
    The movie soundtrack of Full Metal Jacket :D, Happy Happy, Joy Joy!
    Anyways, to all who have it, nice vacation time!
    To all who don’t, that’s too bad ;).

  3. a said,

    first you will need to learn proper english 😛

  4. Scor said,

    If you say things like that, the least you can do is give a real E-mail and name.
    And use proper punctuation.
    At the moment my English is far better then yours.
    Also, if you read it correctly, this is for Dutch, not English people.
    So there is no need for me to know English in this matter (not that it doesn’t come in handy from time to time).
    Finaly, go soil your own blog, running around giving silly comments is just plain bad.
    What I also find very interesting is the fact that you are commenting on a very very old post.
    Also, you try saying my English is bad when I stop getting strait A’s (thats 10 out of 10) in school for my English.

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