Monday, 26 June, 2006 at 10:38 am (Blog)

Someone thought it would be nice to spam me.
Because of people like that I will no longer have an active contact page.
Anyone willing to contact me, will have to do this via forums and etc..
This will be mostly via the DSlinux forum.
It took quite long for someone to stuff like this, but still.
I will see if I can find a way to make sure this will not happen again, other then removing the contact page (as I have done now).


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Wednesday, 21 June, 2006 at 2:47 pm (Blog)

I’m so happy!
An 8 for German!
I’ve been gaming till way deep in the night for 4/5 nights now and I’ve just finished my Favorite game for the DS.
(yes the one below).
Anyhow, I’m syked ๐Ÿ™‚ right now.
Tonight is the “eind-feest” I really kinda look forward to it.
Not much time to blog at the moment!


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Deep into the night

Sunday, 18 June, 2006 at 9:56 am (Blog)

Gyakuten Saiban 4
I was playing this game until way into the night (about 4 am), it’s way to addictive :).
I typed more but my browser screwed up and I don’t feel like retyping ;).

So signing off,

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I’m no blogger

Thursday, 15 June, 2006 at 2:02 pm (Blog)

I just act like one ;).

No really I’m no fan of blogging, simply because my life isn’t interesting enough for other people to know (let alone for me to share).
If anything I read other peoples blog.
But anyhow I promised to put up something today so ^^.

I can’t be really happy today (I got some bad news, not something regarding me btw, *supportive look*), but this news is a bit older so I’ll type it up anyway.
I’ve passed my examn for my brown belt!
I am now a brown belt holder in Judo (it took me long enough :))!
I’ll go for the black sometime but school goes first so if I can’t make it without harming my school work then it will simply have to wait.

As for the second bit of good news, I have passed all my examns (those not in the pw-week, aka the subjects I will never have to do again) with flying colors!
Patrouille de France, yes I have seen them live ;)
Even french passed with a 7 :D! “Weej!”
I will use one “her” (re-examn) for german since I only need to get a 6.7/6.9 for one subject to have an 8!
And since the test subjects are the same as in the 3d trimester (for which I scored a 6.9!) this shouldn’t be all to hard.

Now that’s done with ;), off to working/studying again.
*Supporting look ++*, cheers good luck and all that ๐Ÿ™‚ !


I forgot something (I love the word weest):
Weest Optimistisch!

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Damn, test week :s

Wednesday, 7 June, 2006 at 7:13 pm (Blog, Japanese in general)

Test week is coming up.
I’ve got good enough grades, but I want to keep them :), so it’s study time for me.
This does leave me less time for loads of other stuff like Japanese, but after next week that should all become better.
Because after the test week I’ll have loads of time.
Some of it will probably go into playing with my DS and soon my DS lite.
I’m going to order Phoenix Wright: Ace attourny (but then the Japanese version, Gyakuten sayban 4).
And I will be receiving my supercard soon, which will make me have even less time ;).
I am still wondering what SC will be best though (I will receive 2, CF and SD).
I think I’ll stick with CF since the fat drivers (non-modified) work with it.
And the non-homebrew bit of the SC doesn’t seem any different in either of the versions (if anyone has any experience I would like to know about regarding the SC, please post away ;)).
I’ll be looking into learning more Japanese this summer, I’m not sure on what I’ll be focusing.
I guess mostly learning words and maybe a bit of Kanji (at any rate I have to be have mastered the Kana by the end of the summer).
If you feel I need to add anything to my book, please say so so I can look into it and maybe even add it.
As you may or may not know, everything I write I’m sure of (or well in the book ;)).
So if I look into something chances are I’ll post it here first before it ends up in my method.
I’ve been typing for way to long already :(.
I need to start learning KCV (classic cultural shaping, hmm, direct translation is weird :s).


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