I’m no blogger

Thursday, 15 June, 2006 at 2:02 pm (Blog)

I just act like one ;).

No really I’m no fan of blogging, simply because my life isn’t interesting enough for other people to know (let alone for me to share).
If anything I read other peoples blog.
But anyhow I promised to put up something today so ^^.

I can’t be really happy today (I got some bad news, not something regarding me btw, *supportive look*), but this news is a bit older so I’ll type it up anyway.
I’ve passed my examn for my brown belt!
I am now a brown belt holder in Judo (it took me long enough :))!
I’ll go for the black sometime but school goes first so if I can’t make it without harming my school work then it will simply have to wait.

As for the second bit of good news, I have passed all my examns (those not in the pw-week, aka the subjects I will never have to do again) with flying colors!
Patrouille de France, yes I have seen them live ;)
Even french passed with a 7 :D! “Weej!”
I will use one “her” (re-examn) for german since I only need to get a 6.7/6.9 for one subject to have an 8!
And since the test subjects are the same as in the 3d trimester (for which I scored a 6.9!) this shouldn’t be all to hard.

Now that’s done with ;), off to working/studying again.
*Supporting look ++*, cheers good luck and all that 🙂 !


I forgot something (I love the word weest):
Weest Optimistisch!


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