G6lite arrival

Tuesday, 18 July, 2006 at 9:19 am (Blog, DSlinux)

I’ve just received my sample of the G6 lite.
The damn Dutch postal service did ring the bell once, then went to the neibours (I think, I was lying in bed and was awakend by the sound of our bell) and when they weren’t home he shuved it down my letter box.
Now this wouln’t be such of a problem, only it didn’t fit :s.
So after apparently trying to force feed it to my letter box, he just left it hanging out by half.
Anyway I’m looking forward to reviewing it, and I will be testing it out all week to give you all a good read.
I am however going away for a few days, snowboarding, and I will play around with it when I’m not busy.
After that I will write the review, but for now, I will upload some pictures so you can all gaze at it :).
The pictures will come soon, I need to edit them a bit to make them small enough.


Here are the pictures I promised:
Boxes front
Boxes back
Box front
Box back
The cilinder
Open cilinder
Content spread out (not including the software CD)
Inside my DSlite
G6lite in G6 loader


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