Done :)

Sunday, 23 July, 2006 at 8:14 pm (Blog)

Okay, my G6lite review is done.
I’ve tried to take out most spelling mistakes and etc, but if you come around any bug or any problem please tell me :).
Because it took me so long and I needed breaks inbetween the write, I cooked up a new banner and an animated gif with 2 pics in it.
The banner you can see easily, but the CC animated gif is too small for anyone to see correctly.
This is what it is supposed to be (my work, if you want to use it ask me):
Creative commons logo GBA mode
I kinda like it.
Anyway, back to normal life :).




  1. doug said,

    did i miss the review link?

  2. Scor said,

    Ow yea :).
    I forgot to put it in there.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Btw, how did you come to my blog (I didn’t realise anyone read it)?


  3. doug said,

    i googled “g6lite”—-you’re hit #2. i’m trying to decide between a g6lite and a supercard lite, so i’ve been looking for reviews. the only downside i see so far to the g6lite is not being able to write to the cart. what else uses this besides scummvm?

  4. Scor said,

    Well, moonshell does but there is a patched version for that released by the G6team.
    Most homebrew will work though (I can’t remember all homebrew that wants to write to the card right now with this heat).
    At the release date, the SuperCard lite will probably not support this either (seeing as it is microSD which does not have a library at this point).
    As for ScummVM, there may be a way I can get is working, I’ll look into it đŸ™‚ (but don’t get your hopes up).

  5. Scor said,

    Okay, I need to change my review, it works :D.
    You need to use the .ds.gba version (the one for GBA flash cards), and copy that via the official software (all types work, Direct Copy, Normal and DoFat).

  6. Scor said,

    Changed it :).

  7. doug said,

    Thanks for checking on that. I think I’ll go ahead and order a g6lite, since it seems to have better GBA compatibility than the supercard (and RTC functions). I wish there was a Linux/BSD version of the flashing software, but oh well. If I can copy mp3’s onto the card in FreeBSD for use in Moonshell, that’d be great, but if not I’ll just boot up my Windows box or upload things at work.

  8. doug said,

    btw, if you’re interested to see if anyone reads your blog, check out i use it on my blog ( and the logs from statcounter are pretty amusing

  9. scorpei said,

    The RTC functions do seem to work with some games on the SC (I just haven’t run many, and from the ones I ran about 2 out of 5 were capable of the RTC).
    And as for the flashing software (I will take a look to make sure), I think it will work with wine (supercard software does).
    You just need to choose a different driver letter, and then copy the files later.
    But as I said I’ll check it out (I will first have to get my OpenSuse installation to work again though :P).

  10. scorpei said,

    I will btw, also look into the RTC function a bit more, seeing as I will soon receive a SC-lite for review (you could wait for it).
    If you really run a lot of MP3s and your main aim is using your DSL as an MP3 player, you should consider buying the SC-SD or some other GBA Media Adapter device.
    512Mb is not all that much for MP3.
    I own a G6lite, SC-SD, GBAMP & GBA-flash card, and if it comes to MP3 and video I always use the SC-SD or GBAMP (nowadays almost always the SC-SD).
    The G6lite is a very nice product, but when you mainly want to use MP3s I believe it will be too small.

  11. doug said,

    i’d only be using about 50-100MB for mp3’s. the only thing i use my mp3 player for now is podcasts. i think there’s enough room on the g6lite for a weeks worth of podcasts, pocketnes and other emulators, one nds game plus a gba game or two.

    the other annoyance about the supercard is having to buy the microsd card and a reader for it as well.

  12. Scor said,

    I don’t know the price of the supercard, but at the moment the price of the supercard + memory card is about the same as the G6lite (provided you buy a memory card of 512Mb).

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