Boy do I feel like…

Sunday, 27 May, 2007 at 4:18 pm (Blog)

A certain somebody, posting again in two days :)!?! Not sure what to type and even if to type as always. I went to Jazz In Duketown (just google it if you don’t know what it is) with my friends which was really nice of them as they don’t really care for Jazz.

I don’t know why but the past few days I’ve been feeling bad (both physically and mentally). But I guess you could already figure that out in the last post :). I just don’t understand why… It has started a few lines of thought, but those end up in the mess of last post. Conclusions drawn from them end up in a giant contradicting pain. That doesn’t mean that I can just stop thinking about those things… and they hardly make me feel better (aka, they do NOT). Especially since they include thoughts about my friends and about me. I have great friends and, well…. you can read more on that line of thought below.

I know I’m probably not making any sence.. I’m ashamed for my thoughts, for not understanding them and not ending up with conclusions (on my own).

Thank you so much for caring guys (sorry random people reading this blog, if any), it really means a lot to me. I’m sorry I’m embarrased about my own thoughts and end up nagging you with it (I know you don’t really mind it that much but that doesn’t mean I don’t dislike doing so). Not telling you but you knowing something is wrong. Maybe I’ll pop by one of these days and have a good talk. I (looks at the letter I for a minute or two)’m not sure with who I’ll talk, it’s harder for me to talk about such things with you Juice though I do think it would be best to talk to you.. I don’t know (hey, that was the whole problem now wasn’t it :P, not knowing or not liking the outcome for whatever reason of lines of thought). Again sorry for not making any sense people :).

Well, that is pretty much what is on my mind right now. Repeating and repeating. Strange right, not having trouble with posting it here, but feeling like I can’t ever show this to my friends (who should hear this, and I think I will mail the link to them..). I can’t imaging anyone reading this and feeling like commenting, but if you do, feel free.


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  1. Juice said,

    Feeling like commenting, just to tease you 😀

    Never had the urge to do something silly and see what the outcome is? Perhaps it is time to randomize() your life, so that you can’t predict the pseudo-randomness of what is going to be the reaction on your actions…

    The most common problem of mankind is the idea of being the only one with a mind of it’s own. We don’t know wheter or not someone is actually having thoughts or feelings. We can only interpret actions, or even stimuli.(Á la Matrix).

    And we can’t even denie the possibility of even having no free will at all. One of my friends says it is scientifically more sound to say that life is predetermined. Ones actions are already set, whether or not you think that you have made a ‘choice’.

    It’s hard to live, because so many aspects must be taken into account.

    There I go, also yapping about things I perhaps do not even know much about. Purpose of this comment is not to boost my own confidence. It IS however to show that many people think about life and it’s meaning and the consequences of actions.

    Scorpei, you’re doing just fine in life, making the right decisions, you’ll get there, just enjoy what life gives, like you always do!

    Ok, nighty night, i know you don’t like me posting this late, but hey, I got the time.

    See ya!

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