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Monday, 28 May, 2007 at 10:25 am (Blog)

I’ve been watching TV a lot (like always :P) lately and what I noticed was that there are a billion shows about people and their feelings. It’s pretty strange that the society is so extremely focused on themselves and on telling the whole world about them. Okay I like watching Dr. Phil sometimes as the guy really has some good advice from time to time, but pretty much every channel you change to there is a similar show going on (with the worst of it being Tyra :S, seriously get her of the air/cable!). The funniest part about it is that they are all (and now I’m not counting the crappy shows with people who I think can’t be called adults) mature people. People who can’t deal with certain situations or emotions on their own. That scares me really. If people that are supposed to be your rolemodels (hey they are adults, and I am stil a kid in theory) can’t ttake care of their emotions how can you?!

This notion got me thinking, what IF I want something (like yesterday, I just wanted to be with my great friends nothing more. I wished he wouldn’t have checked his Gtalk until today though) why not just ask for it (of course that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take other people’s feelings into account however it does mean that I can or at least should be able to express my own emotions freely). Let people know that I am interested in doing something or getting something. People are black-boxes (more so some people, nah, that’s just a lame comment for people who wear a lot of black) that you can’t thouroughly understand and predict. Funny thing is I already knew this, yet still feel somewhat frelled up about it. I’m guessing it is just human to want to predict situations, want to be in control. Logically getting frustrated if something isn’t going the way you planned it (and with everyone being different and having a mind of their own there is bound to be differences). On that part Juice, your advice is good as even if I don’t change my way of being it would be randomise(), thus preparing for unexpected things.

I recognise my dad in me, typical neh? Well enough typing about me already. I still dislike blogging but that is because I feel I have nothing important to say, my life isn’t so interesting it should be blogged about (like I’m on a reality show). Contradiction anyone :P? I’m still not quite clear about things I think, and they still contradict (lol), but I’ve pushed it aside. Yesterday is a clear example of that, thank you once again for making time guys :). I guess this is signing off again, at least until something else comes up ;).


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  1. Juice said,

    Is it really a problem to let other people know what your feelings are? I think it is, because, and only because a language cannot perfectly describe feelings. Thus it is open for interpretation.

    On the contrary, there are also people, who you are comfortable with, with whom you can share your feelings and even have the idea that they can understand what you’re trying to say and express. This is the purest form of friendship in my opinion.

    Those people can relate to your problems without having their own feelings in the way. It is really hard to achieve such a good bond with persons nowadays. Perhaps it has even been this way a long time, but I just didn’t see it.

    One big hurray to all those friends! And let’s hope that all of the world can once be friends.

    Hug 😉

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