Yes so I’m posting here, again

Monday, 18 June, 2007 at 12:52 pm (Blog)

*chuckles*, yes posting here once more. Although I decided not to post here again because of several things (aside from a few obvious reasons) I’m back for a post :). I haven’t the faintest of clue what to write though… of course I do know what is on my mind but how to put it in words, without allowing misinterpritation is something beyond me. Something recently scared the crap out of me, doesn’t really matter what, but I though something was pretty frelled up, but when I went to check it out everything was fine (or at least it seemed fine, and I didn’t want to push)…. I guess that is kinda what is up with me right now, thinking too much of things (or too litle?). If so then I shouldn’t be posting this (obviously).

Anyway, I don’t know why I’m posting, as always. I guess it is just that I don’t understand the world, that I dislike the randomise() aspect of life, people etc.. Especially posting about me, when I really don’t want to (be posting about me). I don’t want anything to be bothering me (regardless of it’s importance), and most defenitly don’t want to bother others with it. I also keep reading people wrong; their emotions and point of view.

Writers block now I guess, doesn’t really matter. If no one reads this (which is a blessing really, I can kinda understand why people would keep a dictionary *EDIT: meant diary, but now I can also see why a dictionary and a better concentration would be useful* now) then who cares if it stops (aside from me who seriously stops in his thinking process which is really quite annoying and then comes up with a totally unrelated line of thought only to return the the original one and complete the circle…phew, let’s take a breath). Gonna mail someone, someone unrelated to this all. Best of luck to him by the way, he needs it.

p.s. Off to installing another WP on my own server (and not posting here again)


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