Just a short one then ;)

Wednesday, 11 July, 2007 at 10:43 am (Blog)

Okay I just felt like posting here again, but just a short message to say I’m pretty damn bummed out today. I organised a little trip for 8 cents (to another country mind you) via aeroplane, and now no of my friends want to come anymore….. trust me, that is one hell of a dent in your self confidence…..



  1. Joost said,

    If only you knew. If only I knew all. Yet there are things that may not be explained because they are so difficult (or impossible) to grasp that words are not enough to cover all aspects.

    It’s one of the more interesting things in life. The unexpected and the open mindedness in which one must be to see through the foggy cloud of humanity and social interaction. This impies that there might be a unknown force acting upon us to change the world with every “decision” we make.

    Yet is there a decision to make? And if we cannot, why would it be like that. If so, or if only someone around us could make those decisions, would you like to be warned for some of your decisions (if even possible) and what would these warnings mean, since you can only check one of the available options and not all.

    *rants on*
    I don’t want to force a reaction, or be the one who starts the communication again. You may even delete this post. Just look back at who you were and evaluate who you are. Then consider if the observer has changed, or that the observer has changed.

    You’ve come a long way. Then you ran back…

    All the best to you!


  2. V-Chan said,

    I miss you and can’t stop thinking about you (but not in a wierd way, don’t worry).
    Hope you’re okay.

  3. adrianawhitley7537 said,

    Well… that’s exactly been my personal experience… thanks to my inquisitiveness as a child… and being termed as dumb, lazy and a teacher-troubler… I became best friend with BOOKS!!nWhen children ask me i simply tell them what i know now or ask them to refer to something where they will find waht they are looking for!! Come on http://tropaadet.dk/adrianawhitley7537081830

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