Sunday, 30 April, 2006 at 9:09 am (Japanese)

Konnichiwa all,

Since it’s “meivakantie” (mai holiday) overhere I’ll try to start work on the exercises for my book (learing the kana). I hope that some of it (if not all) can be finished after this small vacation, but there is lot’s of other stuf I want to do this holiday too ;). It won’t be anything fancy (we’ve got some of my links for that) it’ll be some plain fill this in tasks. At the end, I want you all (and myself) to be able to make the Kana tables like in my book, but then with the correct stroke order (not typed on a computer). Anyways if I keep talking for to long it’ll never get done :). So sayonara to you all!



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All anew

Thursday, 20 April, 2006 at 6:20 pm (Blog, Japanese)

Hi all,
It’s been very long since I posted something here (which I kinda regret).
Since I’ve been using my regular site (mostly) for my Japanese study, this page kinda became a dead one :).
Almost made me give it the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, for all non PC-ers) and pull the plug.

However since I came to the conlusion that writing my book via mail and a static site didn’t work real great, I’ve decided to start using my Blog again :).
Now for those of you wondering why I’m using WordPress and Joomla, it’s easy.
This way I don’t need to make a CMS and Blog system (and have to keep that on my hosting “:)).
And since learning HTML and etc. (except for some C to programm for my Nintendo DS) isn’t my goal, there is no need to write one.

I’m going to use this page mostly as a window for questions.
I’m gonna keep on learning Japanese and every time I come across something that is unclear to me, I’ll post it here.
That way, you can reply to me if it is correct (or just read what others say :D).
I hope that this way will easier for you and me.

So happy reading, studying and having fun!

-Scor [English] [Dutch] [NDS] [Blog] 🙂

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