Damn, test week :s

Wednesday, 7 June, 2006 at 7:13 pm (Blog, Japanese in general)

Test week is coming up.
I’ve got good enough grades, but I want to keep them :), so it’s study time for me.
This does leave me less time for loads of other stuff like Japanese, but after next week that should all become better.
Because after the test week I’ll have loads of time.
Some of it will probably go into playing with my DS and soon my DS lite.
I’m going to order Phoenix Wright: Ace attourny (but then the Japanese version, Gyakuten sayban 4).
And I will be receiving my supercard soon, which will make me have even less time ;).
I am still wondering what SC will be best though (I will receive 2, CF and SD).
I think I’ll stick with CF since the fat drivers (non-modified) work with it.
And the non-homebrew bit of the SC doesn’t seem any different in either of the versions (if anyone has any experience I would like to know about regarding the SC, please post away ;)).
I’ll be looking into learning more Japanese this summer, I’m not sure on what I’ll be focusing.
I guess mostly learning words and maybe a bit of Kanji (at any rate I have to be have mastered the Kana by the end of the summer).
If you feel I need to add anything to my book, please say so so I can look into it and maybe even add it.
As you may or may not know, everything I write I’m sure of (or well in the book ;)).
So if I look into something chances are I’ll post it here first before it ends up in my method.
I’ve been typing for way to long already :(.
I need to start learning KCV (classic cultural shaping, hmm, direct translation is weird :s).



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To kick off

Sunday, 1 January, 2006 at 11:52 pm (Japanese in general)

To kick off this category I figured I might as well place a post :).
I think all was explained on the upper site so go ahead and post away with all usefull information.
But please, don’t dubble post :S , Thnx.


p.s. If it wasn’t clear what to do with this category/page:
This is my page for Japanese in general, all information and tips about other catagories (concerning Japanese*) are welcome here .

*by that I mean catagories that could be placed underneath this one, or otherwise, as long as they consider Japanese.

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