This page as said, is to support my Japanese study.
I’m trying to make it easier for dutch students in particular, since it’s very hard to find good material here in Holland (that doesn’t cost you a lot of money 😉 ).
Not that all thats available is bad, but it’s mostly in english and counts on heavy knowledge of that language, which can be very annoying.
So please place all usefull things under the Japanese category 🙂 .

I also felt it nice to see how many dutch people are trying to learn Japanese in 1 way or another, f.e. through a school, or on there own like me.
So there’s a catergory added, where you can leave some info on yourself.
Hear from you!

Someone asked me why I was interested in Japanese, so I went to try and find it on my site.. but I coulnd’t find it :S.
So I took it upon me to at least try and give a bit of an idea why.

It started of as an interest in anything in the world really.
A few years ago I was interested in everything the world had to offer (and I still am a bit), so I had a pretty buisy time of keeping my head from exploding ;).
However, I got the interest in asian language, I’m not sure from where that came.
After I looked in to Chinese (mandarin) I couldn’t find anything affordable for me at that time, so there was no way of getting more aquainted with asian languages.
I don’t remember when exactely, but the german television aired Shogun, a film about pilot major blackthorn, set in the time of the VOC (dutch east indies company), and in Japan.
This language intrieged me, and I wanted to learn more.
After a while, my interest turned over to a real kind of love, eventhough it’s (still) also very hard to learn it.
I’m no longer interested in any other asian language, but now am totaly focused on Japanese, which is also why I set up this site.

I hope this kind of gives you an idea how I got aquanted with Japanese and started loving the langauge.
So now go out on my pages and leave a bit about yourself!


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